We do LIVE removals of non Africanized honey bees at every opportunity. By now everyone’s heard that the honey bees are dissappearing. That news inspired Alltek Bee Removal to give back to our roots- beekeeping. By providing you with the option of live honey bee removal we get to save a precious resource and you get to give back to the environment, it’s a win win. Help us rescue one of mother nature’s most valuable assets call today to schedule an appointment!

Alltek Bee Removal’s technicians are trained to extract the nest and then seal the structure for every honey bee service call. Why’s that important? The short answer is that without providing this step your bee problems will return. Honey bees are opportunistic creatures and when given the chance they will always choose a former hive location to set up shop. This saves the honey bees from using valuable resources during swarming because there’s already a nest in place and generally a considerable amount of honey and pollen. Also, our technicians remove the nest because of a new honey bee parasite that has come to America- the small hive beetle. This parasite if not kept in check by the honey bees (and once a pest control company sprays the bees they’re no longer there to safeguard) will consume the comb and hive parts and create what can best be described as a fermented stinky mess. This mess, if left in your structure, will eventually ooze through your walls and leave an odor and stain that is nearly impossible to remove. Don’t let this happen to you call today to set up an appointment!

Yellow jackets , hornets and wasps are especially difficult for someone without training and experience to handle. These stinging insects can and do sting repeatedly and they often attack en mass. Alltek Bee Removal technicians use proprietary equipment and are trained to safely eradicate these very dangerous insects while keeping in mind the safety of the public and the homeowner. Never attempt to eliminate these pests alone call today to make an appointment!

We offer a Bee Proofing Service that’s second to none. If you have reoccurring bee problems this program is the answer. Starting at just $99 you can have Alltek’s trained expert bee technicians come to your home and seal it up tight from stinging insects. Don’t keep paying for bee removal when you can keep them out forever! Call for a fast free quote today!

Our normal office hours are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday, but we understand that bee problems can appear at anytime. It is our highest priority to keep your family or your customers safe. This inspired us to offer you access to our technicians anytime-day or night. If our office is closed just fill out the form here and click submit. One of our friendly staff will be in touch with you immediately.