Renter stung 140 times inside bee-infested home

Bees were found between the floors, in the windowsills and even pouring out of the walls of a Fort Myers home. And now, two people are in the hospital after being stung hundreds of times.

It happened in a house on a dead-end street in the Tice area of Fort Myers.

“We get stung so much, our animals get stung and our friends can’t come outside. It’s dangerous,” said renter BethAnne Sedore.

Since the renters moved in four months ago, they’ve been living with dangerous neighbors – thousands of them.

“Right here on my hands and foot lying in bed, I was stung,” said renter Wanda Curtis.

Even the babies living there have sting scars. The property manager tried to fix the problem a while back with a foam, but only moved the danger closer.

“It’s in our ceilings, our floors, in the walls – dangerous,” said Sedore.

Beekeeper Keith Councell got the call Thursday night after a bee attack left one woman stung more than 140 times.

“It’s frustrating because this is a simple situation to have remedied before all this happened,” he said.

He said his calls to the property manager, AAA Renters, were ignored. He even said he is willing to fix this problem for free. Though it’s a big job, he says it’s needed.

“We don’t need someone getting killed by bees and that’s what could have happened here,” said Councell.

Man taken to hospital after bee attak

A 76-year-old Acreage man was hospitalized after being stung by a swarm of bees outside his home this morning.

Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue Chief Steve Delai said that the man had sustained numerous bee stings upon the of arrival of rescue crews.

The injured man is Royston Osbourne of the 12300 block of 70th Place North, his wife Yvonne said.

Osbourne was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but Yvonne said tonight that his condition has improved to stable.

“The doctors said if it had been a few minutes more it could have been more serious,” she said, speaking by phone from Palms West Hospital, where her husband was transported this morning.

Yvonne said that Royston was outside their home about 10:30 a.m., when he was attacked by the bee swarm. She said she was able to drag him inside, but he lost consciousness before paramedics arrived. Paramedics were able to revive and stabilize him before transporting him to the emergency room, Yvonne said.

“He was in the yard,” she said. “He was outside and I don’t know what made me go out there….I heard the scream and when I saw what was happening, I ran down there.”

Yvonne, 66, also suffered and was treated for some bee stings. But she said her injuries weren’t as severe and she was able to drive herself to the hospital.