A termite is considered as one of the most destructive pest that can penetrate any buildings or industrial structures. Detecting their infiltration is really hard that sometimes they are already destroying your property without your knowing. Extermination of termites can also be very hard because sometimes you thought you’ve already eliminate them completely only to find out that you actually failed to do so. They can be very tricky and a lot of them are swarming all around your territory leaving you puzzled where to find their exact location.

In order to effectively annihilate them you should know where to find them. Termites have the ability to build an entire colony without you noticing their presence. Don’t wait until your whole structure is already damage before you start to inspect their existence. You have to recognize the places that you will usually find them. The most common way on how to recognize the termite’s existence is to check your wall, if you find bulges and traces of fine powder of wood that termites leave behind then it is an indication that termites have already penetrated your territory.

You have to also check your cabinet, colonies built on cabinets are usually small but this indicates that there might be bigger colonies built on some other areas of your home. Move the things that are in your cabinet in order to fully check if there is a mound in it. Once you find out that termites are really present in your cabinets then immediately destroy it together with the shelter tubes.

Garden is the best place where termites reside because they have an abundant food supply, moisture and perfect temperature.  Check out your basement as well because this is one of the less visited rooms in a house thus this provides a safer place for termites to multiply.

If you find out that your house is infested with termites then there are methods that you need to take in order to completely annihilate this little monster in your house. You could use baits in trapping and poisoning termites, by putting pesticides on the affected areas.  However this method will be in vain if the only termites that will be poisoned are those working termites, the most important victim that will make your effort successful is to poison their queen because once this happens they will not be able to multiply in number. If the queen is not killed then the problem is not solved because they will reproduce and in due time will multiply in numbers again.

You can also burn them to death. Termites must maintain a regularized temperature of their bodies and their colony as well in order for them to live. So once an extreme heat meets them then this will surely kill them. You can use any materials that will produce heat but with precautions unless you want to burn down your house.

The best way for termite’s extermination is to find professionals who can do this for you. It is safer and more convenient for you because they will do the job with efficiency and accuracy.