Every spring swarms of bees will be flying around looking for a new home. Once you notice that they are trying to overtake your house then you will have to be alarmed but not to the point that you want them dead! Spraying them to death is one of the things that will come in your mind right away, however this is not the right way of getting rid of them. It is not too wise because it will cost you a lot of money and it is not too environmental friendly. So there are some strategies that you might consider on getting them out of your sight by not being too harsh with these little pollinators. I will try to show you points on how to perform bee removal.

The first thing that you have to do is not to panic. Swarms of bees that are relocating look really big but this doesn’t mean that they are harmful. Most of the time they rarely sting because once they get out from their old hive they carry a lot of honey that they will have a hard time bending their little butt disabling them from stinging. If they haven’t built their wax hive yet, it is the best time to move them since it is safer and more convenient.

You have to wait for a few days before doing anything because most of the time these bees will change their mind in occupying your property and find another place to stay. You just have to be patient but do not wait for too long because they might have built a hive already without your knowledge. You have to observe them and if you are afraid to take a peek on them then you will have to wait early morning or early evening because this is the time when they are less active.

Once you discover that they are really trying to build a hive on your home then before they can fully build it, you have to call your local beekeeper and ask them to move the bees. Local beekeepers will surely move the bees for free and this will not harm the swarm of bees that is just trying to find a new home to live in.

Once you find out that they’ve already built a wax hive in your house then do not resort on killing them because this will only worsen the problem. One thing that might happen is once the bees are killed they are going to surely cause smell all around your property and the honey that are stored on the hive might burst out and spill on your wall or any other things that surrounds the hive. It will surely cause mess and sticky puddles.

You only have one way then once the wax hive is already built and that is to call your bee removal specialist and have them removed the bees safely and the hive as well. Professional bee removal service is actually available on most part of the country and you just have to call your local bee keeper and ask for a recommendation from them.