What are people just like you saying about Alltek Bee Removal everyday…… “I highly recommend Alltek for bee removal. Frank was the person sent out to our home and with efficient service, the bees were removed in less than 1 hour. The hive was directly over my garage and the quick response service that I received was awesome. I will recommend them to everyone I know for a bee problem.” Continue Reading

Why choose Alltek Bee Removal?

We do LIVE removals of non Africanized honey bees at every opportunity. By now everyone’s heard that the honey bees are dissappearing. That news inspired Alltek Bee Removal to give back to our roots- beekeeping. By providing you with the option of live honey bee removal we get to save a precious resource and you get to give back to the environment, it’s a win win. Help us rescue one Continue Reading


“I was happy. They did a great job at a fair price.” -Cindy, Tampa Q: Are they honeybees or some other kind of bee? A: Honeybees are shades of brown with black stripes on the abdomen. They are similar in size to Yellowjackets and fly in a similar fashion. It’s difficult to tell the difference if you are not used to looking at them. Yellowjackets have a deeper yellow with Continue Reading